Heartwood pale yellow-brown. Sapwood not clearly distinguishable. Some minor staining from the acetylation process may occur but does fade with time.


  • Species Name: Accoya

  • Botantical Name(s) : Fibre source is Pinus Radiata

  • What is Accoya?: Accoya is Radiata Pine that has gone through an acetylation process which modifies the chemical structure of the wood from the surface to the core. The resultant Accoya provides a class leading durable and exceptionally stable product that is resistant to insect attack. It is environmentally sustainable, non toxic and recyclable. Accoya has been the result of over 80 years or research and development.

  • Density: Average 512kg/m3. Ranges from 432-592kg/m3

  • Shrinkage: 0.7% Radial, 1.5% tangential

  • Durability: In ground: Class 1 Above ground: Class 1. 50 years above ground, 20 years submerged in fresh water.

  • Workability :

    Machining. Machines and turns well but planer blades should be kept sharp to avoid surface ridging.

    Fixing. All fixings MUST be stainless steel or corrision proof steel ( not galvanised ). Nails may occasionally follow the growth rings. Nailing guns give good results.

    Gluing. Both load bearing and non-load bearing applications have been tested using adhesive systems related to laminating, finger jointing and frame corner joints. While good results can be achieved with most common adhesives, PU, epoxy and PRF adhesives give the best results. The results of gluing with polyvinyl acetate (PVAc) and melamine urea formaldehyde (MUF) can vary greatly.

    Finishing. Will readily accept paint, stain and polish. Leading coating manufactures have found that their products last 3 times longer due to the resistance of the wood fibre breaking down. Due to the potential residuals from the acetylation process it is critical to ensure that the coating product used has been validated by the supplier, and test samples are done before fully coating.

  • Uses:Cladding, decking, screening and generally any external applications within the structural limitations of the product, any application where insect resistance is critical, or where the chemical issues of traditional treated products can not be used.

  • Availability: Plentiful. No short, but mac length is 4.8.

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