Accoya® Wood

Accoya® is a high-performance wood that has changed the way we view and approach external cladding and decorative timber features.

Created using sustainably-sourced wood. Accoya® undergoes a proprietary, non-toxic acetylation process that permanently modifies the wood to the core.

Chamfer board cladding, external reveal, architrave, and sill in Accoya®

Accoya® cladding and large external Accoya® feature mouldings

Accoya® cladding and decking is exceptional stable. This means we can manufacture sizes up to 178mm cover in a single piece and still be confident in its performance. Making it perfect for a variety of external timber applications*.

Key Benefits of Accoya®

  • 50 year above ground warranty against rot and fungal decay

  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable

  • Excellent insect Barrier – Indigestible to a variety of insects

  • External mitres can be done with confidence

  • Lowest shrinkage rate of any other external timber currently used today – which will keep joints tight

  • Light weight and has good lengths and Naturally beautiful

  • Perfect for coating – Improved stability means coatings can last up to two times longer

For more detailed specifications download our Accoya ® Datasheet

* Accoya® wood is still timber. It will still exhibit traditional timber characteristics and will react to the local environment it is in.

Accoya® cladding and screening in a black external oil

The stability of Accoya® wood allows painting, staining or oiling in dark colours**, with significantly reduced risk over other traditional timbers.

Accoya® external and exposure to natural surroundings

Using Accoya® cladding, decking, seating and screening is the perfect way to get that beach or weathered look, Accoya® will grey over time while maintaining the natural grain and contours of the timber.

Accoya®  left natural – slowly turning grey. 

Accoya® cladding with a grey oil.

Like all timbers, the process of going from freshly machined timber to weathered grey can take time and can cause an uneven or inconsistent look throughout the ageing process.

The level of exposure to the elements creates a number of factors that impact the ageing of Accoya®, sun, wind, dust and grime, proximity to vegetation, placement in relation to other buildings, overhangs and fences. Each application of Accoya® will create a unique and beautifully natural space for you to enjoy.

One way to mitigate this is to use a grey tint in an external oil** so the timber is already grey before the environmental conditions start to weather it.

This way there is some surface protection from the harshest conditions, and it can provide a balancing of the greying off effect in those areas that maybe sheltered or where weathering inconsistencies may occur.

At Paradise Timbers we can machine Accoya® into a variety of different cladding profiles to suit your application and help you get the style you want to create.

Using Accoya® internally makes great sense especially for zones at high risk of damp, movement, or insect attack.

With hundreds of profiles to choose from here are some of the most popular profiles you can create.

Paradise Timbers machines everything on site in our purpose built facility. This means we can run any size or profile, match an existing profile, or design a new one to suit any application.

If it can be machined from timber, Paradise Timbers can do it. No job size is to small.

Accoya® was developed in the Netherlands and used extensively in their dike systems so it can be submerged in fresh water!

It has a 25 year warranty submerged in fresh water ( 50 years above ground ), this opens up all sorts of opportunities to use Accoya® where other timbers couldn’t be applied.

Accoya®  submerged in water
*Note how close to the ground the deck is!

Accoya® decking surrounding and running into pool.

Our experienced Sale Team are happy to help you with any further information on Accoya®  cladding and any other timber applications.

For more detailed specifications on Accoya® wood, features and benefits download