Heartwood pale to dark brown, often with a purplish tint, with occasional streaks. Sapwood Cream.


  • Species Name: American Walnut

  • Botanical name(s): Juglan Nigra L.

  • Size and location information: Medium to large hardwood of USA and Canada.

  • Density: Dry: 600kg/m3

  • Janka Hardness Rating: Dry: 4.5

  • Shrinkage: 3% radial, 4.5% tangential

  • Durability: In ground: Class 2 Above ground:

  • Lyctids Susceptibility: Yes

  • Workability : Easy to work. Excellent for carving and tuning. Suitable for steam bending. Glues satisfactory if conditions are controlled.

  • Uses : Veneer, Furniture, panelling, crving, gunstocks.

  • Availability : Commercially available.

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