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As an Architect or Designer, we know you have a challenging role to take a client’s dreams and make them a reality. At Paradise Timbers have the experience to provide advice on a professional level. With over three decades of working with wood we can help you make the best selections and decisions when it comes to adding Timber to your project.

No project is too big or too small.  We manufacture on site at our Helensvale plant and have the flexibility to produce mouldings to suit your specific needs. With over 300 profiles at our fingertips we can identify which moulding you want and if we simply don’t have “the one”, we can design and make it with you in mind.

Timber is a natural product and provides a tactile and aesthetic feature in any design, knowing which timber to use where, and how it should be treated is key to getting the right outcome. With an extensive knowledge of both residential and commercial projects we can support you with the practical know how to solve challenges in all thing’s timber.

Choose Timber

Choosing mouldings for a project can be fraught with challenges, ceiling height, continuity throughout the project and sources of light all impact the choices to be made. We have a variety of projects completed that can give you some inspiration to help you find what your job needs. Remember we design and make so if you have a style or image you want to replicate, we can machine it just for you.

Be Inspired

We know from experience that making decisions earlier in a project can save time and help reduce changes and additional costs. Here is how we can help.

We provide a detailed consultation service for Architects and Building and Interior Designers. Make an appointment at one of our offices and bring in your project plans, we will talk through your project and discuss your end goals. Detailing your specifications, we can provide you with practical solutions that will make your job easier and let you get the look you want, and your customers deserve?

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