Heartwood Pale Brown, but northern material may have some slight pinkish tinge.


  • Species Name: Blackbutt – Coastal

  • Botantical Name(s) :Eucalyptus pilularis Sm.

  • Size and location information: Large hardwood in coastal forests from Bega NSW, to Maryborough QLD. It is a tall tree, up to 75 metres in height.  After a bushfire, the lower trunk of the tree is dramatically darkened – hence the name ‘blackbutt’.

  • Density: Green: 1100kg/m3, Dry: 900kg/m3

  • Janka Hardness Rating: Green: 6.4, Dry:8.9

  • Shrinkage: 4% Radial, 7% tangential

  • Durability: In ground: Class 2 Above ground: Class 1

  • Lyctids Susceptibility: No

  • Termite Resistance (AS3660): Yes

  • Strength Group: S2/SD2

  • Fire Hazard Properties :Ignitability: 13; Spread of flame: 7; Smoke Development: 3

  • Workability :In dressing planner angle may need to be reduced to 15deg. Poor paint finish due to checking. Stain finishes can be used satisfactory. High extractivs content of mature wood can cause gluing problems.

  • Uses: Poles, Sleepers, flooring, building framework, ply.

  • Availability: Plentiful. Select joinery grade grade tends to have a lot shorter length spec.

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