Heartwood golden brown, often with narrow bands of darker colour indicative of growth rings. Sometimes reddish streaks are present. Sapwood distinctively paler up to 50mm wide. Texture medium and even. Grain usually straight but sometimes wavy producing fiddleback character.


  • Species Name: Blackwood – Tasmanian

  • Botanical name(s): Acacia Melanoxylon

  • Size and location information: Medium Sized hardwood of Tasmania. Occassional occurrence in South Australia.

  • Density: Green: 870kg/m3, Dry 640kg/m3

  • Shrinkage: 1.5% Radial, 4% tangential

  • Durability: In ground: Class 3 Above ground: Class 3

  • Lyctids Susceptibility: Yes.

  • Termite Resistance (AS3660) : Yes.

  • Strength Group: S4/SD4

  • Workability : Easy to work but planner angle may need to be reduced. Good for steam bending. Nails and glues well. Polyester and catalysed finishes are sometimes retarded in curring. Dust can be irrirating to the skin and bronchial tubes of some people. Spots of dark exudate may appear that can be sanded off without affecting finishes.

  • Uses: Furniture, veneers, panelling, carving, turnery, flooring, boat building, gun stocks.

  • Availability : Available, but sizes can be limited.

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