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If I order too much, can I return it?2019-09-04T13:20:10+10:00

If the item is a stock item, is in new condition, not marked in anyway, and returned within 7 working days of order, yes we will take it back, subject to a visual inspection and a restocking fee. If the item has been custom machined, then we can not take it back. See our terms and conditions.

Do you pre-finish or pre-prime mouldings?2018-02-05T18:09:51+10:00

We can get your mouldings pre-primed or pre-finished. There are minimum runs with this process which are dependant on the type of finishing required. Please ask our friendly sales staff about this.

Do I need to pay a deposit?2018-02-05T18:09:37+10:00

Yes, we require a 50% deposit for all machined orders.

What form of payment do you take?2018-02-05T18:09:26+10:00

We accept cash, credit card (visa/mastercard only), or electronic bank transfer. No Cheques will be accepted.

What are your Lead Times?2018-02-05T18:09:16+10:00

Our lead times are generally 7-10 working days, pending supply of raw materials. There are seasonal times of the year where this maybe longer ( or shorter ).

Will you run one of your profiles at different size?2018-02-05T18:08:47+10:00

Yes, we will run any profile to any size, as long as it can be done on our moulding machines. Generally a different size just means amending the flat sections of the profile to suit the size you require. If the actual profiled section of the moulding needs to be amended a tooling charge will apply. Runs of non standard sizes under 300lm will incurr a setup fee.

What if I can’t see the profile I need on your website / in catalogue?2018-02-05T18:08:15+10:00

We will match any profile. We have our own tooling facility on site, so it is no problem for us to match any profile. You can even design your own. It is best to give us a sample so we can match it exactly. If we do not have existing tooling for this profile, a tooling charge will be applicable.

Where will you deliver?2018-02-05T18:07:57+10:00

We will deliver anywhere in Australia, or you can organise your own transport for pickup.

Do you provide samples?2018-02-05T18:07:42+10:00

Yes we do. If you require samples for a number of different profiles please call our sales staff and give them time to get them out for you.

Does a more complicated moulding cost more than a simple moulding?2018-02-05T18:07:27+10:00

No. The cost of the moulding is dependant on the size of timber used, not the shape of the moulding.

Are there minimum quantities?2018-02-05T18:07:10+10:00

No, we will machine any quantity of timber. For runs under 300lm a setup fee applies.

What lengths are available?2018-02-05T18:06:54+10:00

Finger Jointed Pine is available in 5.4m lengths. All other species are only available in random lengths.

What timber species can I get my mouldings in?2018-02-05T18:06:17+10:00

We will machine any timber species. The most common species we run are QLD Hoop pine, Radiata Pine, Finger Jointed Pine, Tasmanian Oak, Victorian Ash, Meranti, New Guinea Rosewood, Surian Cedar, Fijian Mahogany, Spotted Gum, American Oak, Teak, Western Red Cedar.

Is your timber harvested from sustainable sources?2018-02-05T18:05:48+10:00

A large number of our species have Chain of Custody certification, meaning that is has not only harvested from sustaintable sources, but has been audited each year to validate the humanitarian aspect – e.g no slave child labour, money returned to the source area where it has been harvested from sustainable sources. There are some species that have not been fully qualified, but there are options available on these species . e.g Greenpeace validation of its sustainablity. Please ask our sales staff about certification of the species you are looking for.