Heartwood is pinkish to pale brown, with reddish-brown streaks, becoming darker and more uniform on exposure to light. The sapwood band, about 40mm in width, is light pink to yellow brown. Texture is intermediate and the grain wavy to interlocked.


  • Species Name: Fijian Mahogany

  • Botanical name(s): Swietenia macrophylla

  • Size and location information: Plantations were established on the Pacific island of Fiji by the British of Swietenia Macrophylla seeds from Belize.
    Sometimes 150 feet in height and 6 feet and more in diameter above the heavy buttresses; boles are clear from 60 to 80 feet.

  • Durability: In ground: Class 3 Above ground: Class 2

  • Termite Resistance (AS3660) : No.

  • Strength Group: S6/SD7

  • Workability : Fiji Mahogany is very easy to work with hand and machine tools, torn and chipped grain is common with figured material. Easy to finish and takes an excellent polish; Slices and rotary cuts into fine veneer.

  • Uses : Fine furniture and cabinet making, interior trim, paneling, fancy veneers, musical instruments, boat building, pattern making, turnery, and carving.

  • Availability: Plentiful

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