Gesso Products

Paradise Timbers uses Gesso coating on Paulownia timber for internal timber mouldings. This product has some very admirable qualities which is why it has become so popular. The notable qualities are:

  • The product has a very high ignition point, making it fire resistant.
  • There are no knots in the timber.
  • It is a fine grained timber that is suitable for many types of paints.
  • It is highly resistant against warping, shrinking, and splitting.
  • Modern day Gesso acrylic is very hard but retains excellent flexibility, making it ideal for architraves and skirtings.
  • Neither the Gesso or the Paulownia timber will, when correctly nailed, split or crack.
  • Though lightweight, Paulownia timber is not brittle and is a strong and durable hardwood.
  • From an environmental perspective a great redeeming feature of the Paulownia Tree is that it grows very quickly, producing good timber within 2 years.