Jarrah – Western Australian – The heartwood varies from rich reds to deep browns, with sapwood being a clearly distinguished pale yellow. The texture is course and generally straight grained although some interlocked grain may feature.


  • Species Name: Jarrah

  • Botantical Name(s) : Eucalyptus marginata

  • Size and location information: Jarrah is a large sized hardwood found only in the south west of Western Australia. It is Western Australia’s principal tree in terms of both the extent of forest and in the versatility of its timber.  The bark is rough, covering the whole trunk to the smallest branches and is similar to that of the stringybarks.

  • Density: Green: 1100kg/m3 Dry: 850kg/m3

  • Janka Hardness Rating: Green: 5.7, Dry: 8.5

  • Shrinkage: 5% Radial, 7.4% tangential

  • Durability: In ground: Class 2 Above ground: Class 2

  • Lyctids Susceptibility: Yes

  • Termite Resistance (AS3660): Yes

  • Strength Group: S4/SD4

  • Fire Hazard Properties : Ignitability: 13; Spread of flame: 6; Smoke Development: 3

  • Workability : The material works well.

  • Uses: Flooring, joinery, panelling, sleepers, poles and piles, heavy construction and domestic structural framing.

  • Availability: Becoming less as Jarrah forests are being protected.

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