Brown Timber Species

Species Name: Kaudamu

Botanical name(s): Myristica spp

Size and location information: Medium to large tree, predominately from Fiji, with some found in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines.

Description: Kaudamu heartwood is pink to light brown in colour and sapwood is cream to pale brown, darkening on exposure. The texture is intermediate and uniform and the grain is usually straight.

Density: Dry: 580kg/m3

Durability: In ground: Class 4 Above ground: Class 4

Lyctids Susceptibility: Yes

Termite Resistance (AS3660): No

Strength Group: S6/SD6

Kaudamu is easy to saw and plane, generally working well and producing smooth, clean-cut surfaces and crisp edges.

Interior joinery and mouldings.

Limited imports.

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