Red Timber Species

Species Name: Makore

Botanical name(s):

Size and location information: Very large tree widely sought after for it’s timber and veneer for high quality purposes. It’s colour and grain looks similar to Nyotah. Grows on the central west coast of Africa, around Ghana and Nigeria.

Description: Physical
Makore is a very hard and durable timber. Consisting of medium weight and possesses good shock resistance

Colour: The heartwood colour varies from pink-red to blood-red and red-brown.

Pattern: The pattern is similar to Nyatoh quite often straight with some wavy grain. Many logs are heavily figured.

Density: Dry: 620kg/m3

Durability: In ground: Class 2 Above ground: Class 1

Can be hard to work because of the presence of silica. Very good finish once timber has been machined. Stains and polishes extremely well.

Makore can be used in furniture cabinets, turning, high class joinery, it can also be used in boat building and laboratory benches.

Limited imports.

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