Surian Red Cedar

Red Timber Species

Species Name: Surian Cedar

Botanical name(s): Toona Calantas syn. Cedrela Calantas. Family: Meliaceae Surian (Indonesia, Malaysia), Kalantas, Limpaga, New Guinea Cedar

Size and location information: A medium to large softwood attaining 40 m in height, with grey to grey-brown bark, which is shed in thin patches. It is found in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea. Equivalent to the Red Cedar of Australia.

Description: Heartwood is light red to red-brown, sapwood is pink-grey.

Density: Dry: 480kg/m3

Shrinkage: 1% radiial, 12% tangential

Durability: Above ground: Class 2

Lyctids Susceptibility: No

Termite Resistance (AS3660): No

Easy to work. Grain may fur up.

Cabinet work, joinery, furniture & panelling.

Plentiful. Select joinery grade grade tends to have a lot shorter length spec.

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