Choose Timber!

It’s Natural
  • Naturally unique, each tree has its own colour variations and quality.

  • Timber is a natural building material widely used within the industry. Tried and tested and scientifically supported.

  • Low in toxicity and easy to use timber is totally recyclable.

  • Resistant to electricity timber provides a modern building material in today’s electronic world.

It’s Environmentally Sound
  • Highly efficient and environmentally sustainable timber has a high thermal efficiency rating.

  • Timber is the only building product that is 100% renewable, biodegradable, and requires zero energy consumption to grow. It has no harmful or hazardous by-products, and every part of the tree is used which means there is no physical waste.

It’s Versatile
  • Timber is the most versatile recyclable building material. We can’t create other raw materials used in construction. Paradise Timbers is committed to supplying the most environmentally friendly sources of timber products see our Certification Page.

  • Strong and lightweight it has a strength for weight ratio 20% higher than structural steel.

It is all very well to make these comments, but what are the facts to support this? Wood Solutions have published their results on this exact study. If you want to be blown away by the real facts on why you should use timber read this document.

Go to our technical page for more facts and info!